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The internet salon of antiquarian engraving

The internet salon of antiquarian engraving ( ) :

- for realisation of delivery it is necessary for you to send your data then our manager will contact you for acknowledgement of order

- delivery is carried out daily from 10:00 till except holidays

- delivery is carried out within 1-2 days after acknowledgement by the customer of delivery

 - goods delivery can only in a place of work or residing of the customer at the exact mailing address of delivery and contact phone

- the courier the delivering order in a place of work of the customer, expects a meeting with the customer no more than 15 minutes, after the notice of the customer on arrival of courier

- salon in the right to refuse to the customer in delivery of bases of an explanation of reason

Phone for inquiries 8-903-104-8842

Robert Bowyer London, 1814 ...

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Vue prise de la terrasse du kremlin
Ernest Bourdin ...

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